atlantaWORKS strongly believes the quality and success to any relocation is founded in a company’s ability to integrate their relocating employees and families into their new environment as quickly and seamlessly as possible.  Think about it, all changes are filled with so many conflicting emotions:

  • Anxiety

  • Fear

  • Curiosity

  • Excitement, just to name a few.

Relocations are no different, except the emotions are often compounded many times over.  Relocations often include:

  • A new job

  • New home

  • New school

  • New daily routine

  • New language to learn.

Relocations require many adjustments in a concentrated time frame and atlantaWORKS believes to be successful they require assistance.  Therefore, our approach is to become a "Personal Ambassador" for relocating employees and their families.

atlantaWORKS enables relocating employees to focus on their new work assignments, knowing their own and their families’ environment integration needs are being attended to.  In addition, our ongoing support assists our corporate clients in obtaining and retaining the productive employees they are seeking much quicker.  This, of course, is our mutual goal.

Let atlantaWORKS "work" to help ensure a successful relocation and productive start to a new career.  Hit the ground running…let atlantaWORKS help you call Atlanta… "HOME!"

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